16 - 18 FEBRUARY 2020


Every body type matters to Triumph. Since 1886 Triumph offered freedom of choice to women by introducing one of the first bras. Their commitment to empowering those of all forms has been consistent- as early as the 1930s they launched the first bras with adjustable straps, and in 1998, they launched Simply Soft, a seamless bra with a fabric built to adjust to the individual wearer through body heat. Similarly, they pioneered Minimizer bras, aware that individual women had varying concepts of beauty and did not always want to maximise their chest.

Triumph has never sought to dictate a body ideal, but to offer choice, comfort and style for every woman. Over the decade, sub brands such as Florale and Triaction have always sought to provide solutions for women of all different shapes and sizes, whose specific needs are in Triumph’s eyes, all equally vital and important.