INDX Intimate Apparel SS20

4 - 6 August 2019


This season CL Group has considered the nuances of identity, focusing on a theme of being, and what this means for each of their brands. For Chantelle, this is embodied in a sense of being. The search for inner peace and harmony, and blending the truth of mind, body and soul.

Chantelle introduces Sense of Being, the Autumn Winter collection for 2019, a campaign grounded in the idea of being at one, and inspired by the pursuit for truth.

The new campaign, photographed by Renaud Cambuzat, is dedicated to the idea of finding connection through un-connection, seeking the beauty of solace. Playing with light, texture and shape it captures the gentle stillness of reflective moments. Rooted in Chantelle’s core values, the four faces that run through the campaign embody the multifaceted women of today, and the strength of combined differences.

Lightweight and comfortable materials with sensual styling. Blending soft vibrancy of colour and textures with striking design for true confidence and inner peace.