It's A Dog's Life

It’s a dogs life is a small business started in 2016 by Mark and Val Littlewood in Kendal on the edge of the English Lake District.

Dog lovers and owners for many years, it was inspired by our rescue Collie called “Flower”, sounds like a joke but it’s absolutely true – Collie Flower.

Flower had been abused and sadly had to have a leg amputated because of the cruelty of a former owner.

She came to live with us and made herself totally at home, she always made sure she had the most comfortable place in the room, whether it was in front of the fire, on your lap or next to you on the sofa.

So we were often heard to say “It’s a dogs life”.

We started producing T’shirts with amusing cartoons, replicated the designs onto coffee mugs and gradually built a brand which was nothing more than a mickey take of dog owners.

If you have a dog you will know that the dog is the boss!

Since those early days we have developed our product offering to include greetings cards, socks, caps, beanies, belts, sweats and hoodys.

We aim for good quality at gifting price points.

Statistics show that 26% of the UK population own a dog with an estimated dog population of nearly 10 million pet dogs.

This gives us a huge market to appeal to.