Kidcentral UK

Kidcentral UK is a growing source in wholesale and distribution, providing baby and gift products to the retail industry. The Kidcentral UK team comes with years of experience in wholesale, retail, distribution, as well as brand marketing.
In a continuously changing retail landscape along with logistical evolution, it has become increasingly important to maintain a constant and consistent supply chain which retailers can always depend on.

Kidcentral UK strives to supply the right products for each individual retailer’s requirements. With an emphasis on style, functionality and affordability, the brands that are chosen for sale are carefully qualified to ensure two main objectives: consumer satisfaction and commercial viability.
First and foremost is the satisfaction of the consumer. This is an underlying responsibility to the end user, to provide them with products that are tested and can be trusted. Second is the commercial viability for retailers.
There is a fundamental understanding that in all wholesale supply transactions there must be beneficial aspects for resellers.

Kidcentral UK works closely with their retailers to ensure their profitability on the products we sell. With online taking a larger portion of all sales, both consumers and resellers are turning to suppliers that can provide the most meaningful content, both visual and descriptive.
These digital assets have become an integral part of our co-operative marketing strategy to keep consumers engaged.
Their goal is to have Kidcentral UK products in every growing U.K. home by focusing on unique and innovative products that babies love and parents trust.

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