INDX Womenswear & Footwear SS20

30 July - 1 August 2019

Jack Murphy

Quality country clothing - bringing style and sophistication to functional clothing. Designed in Ireland and inspired by our love of nature and the outdoors, we specialise in country clothing for men and women.


Renowned for quality and reliability, our 2019 collections are beautifully tailored and designed for country living whatever the weather. In this way, the Irish landscape and weather are influential in both our menswear and womenswear collections for 2019. This influence can also be seen in the deep and lustrous colour palette characteristic of Jack Murphy clothing which is reminiscent of the Irish land and sea. 


Specialising in waterproof, wax and tweed jackets, with complimentary knitwear and accessories, in our men, women and signature Heritage collections.


Embrace the outdoors, whatever the weather

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