The Salsa label and its name were inspired by the famous American movie Salsa...

Salsa is a Portuguese jeanswear brand which was born in 1994 and is now sold in more than 35 countries and their latest collection will be showcased at INDX Womenswear & Footwear Cranmore Park, Solihull from 3-5 August.

The brand  and its name was inspired by the famous American movie Salsa, which reflects the company's spirit, passion and dedication.

For the last 20 years, Salsa has been developing products that fit the lives of contemporary, independent, positive and happy women and the brand's mission is “to be a second skin, to give the wearer the confidence to conquer the world”.

Salsa's constant search for perfection ensures that each collection of jeans, tops and accessories is high quality, innovative and exciting.

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