26-28 JANUARY 2020


Jack’s vision of making functional and innovative adventure wear for both sides of the tide line continues to this day, opening up a world of fun for anyone who craves a life that goes beyond what nature and nurture dictate. It’s about living a life less boring. From the world’s first wetsuit and leash to 2018’s world’s first aquatic denim boardshort, Jack’s spirit of invention and adventure lives on.

Born out of our Northern Californian roots, we fundamentally believe in the power of nature to feed our soul. Once you feel it, you go back for it, again, and again. It’s always summer on the inside.

We’re dreaming of an endless summer inspired by the nostalgia of the 70’s and mixed with the attitude of Cali surf Hipsters. Its design cues from a vintage colour palette & silhouette that is re-purposed for the new customer, where soft fabrics and prints in saturated tones also take on the idea of bohemian romantics.
We take a slice of that easy Cali Surf Lifestyle with us everywhere we go. Think of old Polaroids taken on the boardwalk for a relaxed nostalgia that transports you back in time. This effortless attitude speaks to the urban surfer and cool girl persona which lives in all of us. Only this time, vintage inspired resort looks get re-interpreted for the street, bringing them into the now.