26-28 JANUARY 2020

Chris Cayne

CHRIS CAYNE is the new brand (established 2016) for the man who loves to wear casual clothes with class appeal and a style where quality, sportiness and elegance go hand -in- hand. CHRIS CAYNE has a classic nautical feel, following the ever-changing winds of fashion and combines high quality fabrics and yarns, with beautiful designs based on the latest innovations. The brand delivers stylish and extremely comfortable shirts, cardigans, pullovers and polo’s that become a favourite in your wardrobe.

Fall/Winter ‘20

CHRIS CAYNE is for the man who likes to wear casual, but still be well dressed in comfort and style. This is achieved by using high quality yarns and fabrics with beautiful designs and comfortable fits. Elegant yet sporty, wonderfully combined.

For the Winter 2020 the CHRIS CAYNE designers have succeeded in presenting an attractive and surprising collection. The sweaters use new soft materials and warm mélange colours. The shirts offer a wide range of designs and are of a finer yarn with often a satin finish which makes them stand out. New and refreshingly surprising.

Please come and see for yourself and be positively impressed by CHRIS CAYNE!