HYMN is designed with an unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity....

Our Daily Bread

Established in London in the summer of 2013, HYMN is a menswear brand, designed with an unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity.


Focusing on classic staple pieces with a unique twist, HYMN is founded by a team of menswear enthusiasts, passionate about the creation of premium clothing at an affordable price point. Fusing style and utility, HYMN places value on fit and functionality and presents itself as 'THE brand to make a man's wardrobe' with a blend of well-considered basics and statement pieces.

Viral Statistics

  • After just 3 seasons, the brand now boasts 100+ stockists including John Lewis
  • Since launch date, HYMN has become a major player in the UK press including The Sunday Times style, sparking major brand interest
  • In June 2014 HYMN was named one of Shortlist's Top 7 Brands to Watch