9-10 FEBRUARY 2020

Start-Rite Shoes

A British family business for eight generations, Start-Rite Shoes has helped children explore in comfort and confidence for 227 years. Proud specialists in little feet, every Start-Rite shoe is anchored in a deep understanding of the ways children live and move today.
With constant innovation at its core, the brand works with biomechanics experts to create shoes that not only support a child’s developmental needs, but also their lifestyle needs. From first steps to school days. Its extensive range is built around four pillars.
Child-specific precision fit in whole, half and multi-width fittings; lasts and outsoles engineered for natural movement at every life stage; intelligent protection and breathability precisely where it’s needed in the upper design; and niggle-free comfort to support on any terrain.
Start-Rite shoes are designed to give children the freedom to go where they want, how they want.