INDX Intimate Apparel SS20

4 - 6 August 2019

Lazy One

LazyOne kits out the whole family with just the right “retire attire” for every comfy occasion,  this range is full of colour and character. Within the collection of sleep and loungewear, you’ll find pyjama sets, flap jack onesie sleepsuits, leggings, nightshirts and much more.

The LazyOne product line is soft, superbly snug and complete with fun designs. Making the range perfect for those lazy days and cosy nights in!

They think you’ll be impressed, so go on and take a look at what they have to offer!

Don’t get cold feet! LazyOne socks & slippers are a real warm up treat! Available in a wide variety of fun designs and styles, to keep your toesies cosy!

Within the collection, you’ll find Fuzzy Feet Slippers, Mukluks, Paw Slippers, Spa Slippers, Plush Socks and so much more!

Nothing is more welcome and home wonderful, than a pair of slippers to slip over those socks. With LazyOne slippers ranging from fuzzy and funny to cute and cosy, they have just the right pair to match with that PJ set. No matter what one’s style, look no further than LazyOne Socks and Slippers.    

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