INDX Intimate Apparel SS20

4 - 6 August 2019


Confitex is a leading textile innovation company addressing the growing demand for fashionable men’s and women’s underwear that comes with the added bonus of market-leading leakproof technology.

Driven by proven consumer needs and at the forefront of market trends, Confitex has developed a revolutionary patented textile that provides unrivalled absorbency, retains moisture even when under pressure, and is also 100% plastic-free, odour-resistant, machine washable and tumble dryable.

This advanced textile technology is incorporated into Confitex-branded functional underwear in a range of fashionable and comfortable designs that set the company’s products apart from competitors. 

With one in three women and one in ten men experiencing light bladder leakage, and a highly engaged sector of eco-conscious women looking for a sustainable alternative to pads and tampons, consumer demand for the emerging absorbent underwear category is growing at lightning speed and the lingerie market is poised for a period of transformative change.

The company is exploring applications of his patented textile across multiple industries, and seeking to partner with major retail brands on branded and white-label products.

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