Kidiwi Handmade is a poetic and sweet French brand, founded by a mother-daughter passionate duo since 2009.

Beyond the clothes, there are the unique know-how of a hand, embroidering patiently each square millimeter of the bodice of a dress; the passion for a job well done; but above all, the love for children and the memories of those tender, important moments we are having with them.

Famous for its hand smocked finishing, the Kidiwi signature truly remains in its skill to reinvent a classic shape with a unique sense for detail that only handmade craft can bring. Discretely hand stitched ruffles, bows and embroideries tell the story of our childhood fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Kidiwi embraces both the elegance of the French design and the finesse of an ancestral know-how that the brand masters and updates. The results are exclusive and unique garments for boys and girls from 0 to 12 years old.


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