Reisenthel’s ambition is to keep things simple, straightforward and smart.

Just a quick stop at the office and then off for a well deserved weekend break, with the Travel and Cosmetic Collections, consisting of everything you need for that weekend away.

Travelling broadens the mind! So get up and go - to indulge your love of new things, for business reasons or to widen your education. We at reisenthel will provide attractive companions that will make your journeys and flights as pleasant as possible. Our travel bags are practical and cheerful, useful and innovative, and win loyal fans with their design and optimum comfort 

Reisenthel reflective – stand out at night and make a shimmering statement by day. This material is a guaranteed eye-catcher! Whether for a picnic, shopping or nightlife, they shine out with their hip design and unmissable style! Go with the glow

All-round mobile! The reisenthel allrounder R is the perfect companion for business and leisure. Its smart two-in-one principle (convenient handbag and rucksack all in one) makes it the perfect bag for all occasions, whether you’re on holiday or headed to uni or work.

Cool on the hip. A cross-body statement that says it's high time for a new image. Long live the beltbag! Use it as a hip belt bag or as a trendy cross-body bag, smaller or bigger, but always in "hip" street-style designs.

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