Gianni Conti

Gianni Conti has always been synonymous with elegance, quality, refinement and timeless style.

Its origins go back to the early years of the twentieth century and this ancient tradition of passion and care has been passed on from generation to generation, being renewed in collection after collection.

The Gianni Conti bags are the spearhead for a constant search aimed at innovation and attention to details but, at the same time, in respect for a tradition with a craftsman’s vocation that continues to enhance the human and manual element within the production chain.

The Modern, Casual and Vintage lines are designed to satisfy different needs and styles and are appreciated for their versatility and actuality; the Vintage line has had a significant increase on the market in recent years, a sign of a growing appreciation of consumers for this type of product, with a "lived" and contemporary look.

The Classic line - always an icon for a timeless style - is well known and loved by its consumers for its decided cosmopolitan flavour and precious leather that, with use, assumes shades of colour that increase its fascination and elegance.