Since being granted the Pringle of Scotland, Jeff Banks and Glenmuir licenses for socks and underwear, Osan has forged ahead to become one of the top manufacturers and distributers in the UK. Over the years Osan’s brands have flourished, with ever expanding ranges including new and exciting brands such as Sockshop Wildfeet.

Osan’s commitment to high quality remains fundamental to its success, not only to quality of product but also of design and service. Osan is driven by the belief in, and commitment to excellence in customer service, and a policy of always putting the customer’s requirements at the heart of everything they do.

Osan is a member of the Ruia Group, a family controlled organization operating according to the principles that any family will recognize – trust and honesty with suppliers and customers, and open communication and a commitment to developing staff. An active member of the ETI organization, the Ruia Group’s business philosophy also encompasses the well being of suppliers, stakeholders and the environment, whilst operating a formal policy against child labour.