FanU Fans

FanU is a lightweight, portable, fashionable, quiet, handheld mini cool air fan, with a USB and rechargeable battery and a detachable lanyard. Suitable to carry in your handbag, jacket, or coat. Easy to use in anywhere - indoors or outdoors.  Recommended retail prices start from £12.99.

FanU is a family business set up by Adele and daughter Jodi. Jodi was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25 and suffered with hot flushes as a chemotherapy side effect. Adele was simultaneously going through menopause and struggling herself with hot flushes due to hormonal changes. There were no fans on the market that seemed adequate… they were all noisy, bulky and unattractive with often a short battery life. As a result Adele spent time sourcing a great fan and after some consideration, FanU was born.

Womens' health and menopause issues are now widely discussed and FanU is the perfect accessory for when you need to cool off.......and there are lots of other reasons for hot flushes for those “tropical moments “    which have absolutely nothing to do with Cancer  or menopause.....from illness to stress to travel to hot weather......the list is endless!  And it's not always possible to strip off and sip a glass of ice water.

FanU is perfect for own purchase or as a gift.

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