Van Gils

Van Gils AW 2020 collection is about the future man who manoeuvres through life in his own unique way and the accompanying mind-set that looks to the future. "The Pursuit of Perfection"- The constant pursuit of better. The philosophy that an individual is evolving forever, without limits or boundaries.

FOUR ARCHETYPES - Trends for the season show a clear movement towards relaxed dressing and a desire for comfort; focusing on 'multifunctional' pieces for ultimate comfort. A sense of "athleisure" is created in new "hybrid" garments, such as knitted blazers, jersey suits and reversible vests to be able to dress limitlessly at all times.

THE GLOBALIST - An individual who is well known within different cities worldwide and what they have to offer. He is inspired by different cultures and knows how to translate effortlessly into his own style.

THE ROCKING DANDY - Stylish with an edge. A dandy pays great personal attention to its appearance and image, but the Rocking Dandy does this with a casual twist.

THE BLUE HERO - Someone who likes to be inspired by the "classic ways", but knows how to translate this into a fresh, modern look.

THE DIGITALIST - An individual who feels comfortable in a tight concrete space, but finds the balance with soft fabrics. The Digitalist is online, has the latest gadgets and lives by the latest trends.

SUBCOLLECTIONS - In addition to the various segments in the collection (formal, informal and smart casual), 3 sub collections have been developed in line with the vision trends, which have been expanded further this season. The 3 sub collections are:

On the Go - These garments are made for every occasion, for work and leisure with the latest technical features of the highest standards. This collection includes maintenance-friendly and breathable suits, shirts and washable jackets;

The Mix collection - Gives you the freedom to mix and match your own style, such as jackets, trousers and cardigans.

SUSTAINABILITY - Green Stitch - This collection uses environmentally friendly or recycled materials. In 2020 this included non-mulesed merino and eco-denim and focuses on sustainable fabrics: jackets are made of recycled wool, shirts from organic cotton, all without losing its comfort. In AW20 jackets, coats, eco-denim jeans, kniwear, shirts and t-shirts will be released to show the innovative and sustainable character of Van Gils.

 In addition they work to GOTS: the Global Organic Textile Standard and about 75% of their products are approved by the Business Social Compliance Initiative.

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