Moonie "the humming friend" is a beautiful, soft cuddly plush bunny that helps babies to sleep. It has five natural, calming sounds recorded in the natural environment, womb, wind, rain, sea waves and deep ocean.
According to pediatric research white and pink noise helps babies to fall asleep faster, sleep longer, cry less and calm more quickly. Moonie is also a delicate night lamp, with five different modes of calming light and seven different colour effects, making this product also attractive to toddlers. 
The gentle glow soothes babies and helps them to overcome fear of the dark. Moonie also has a smart cry detector which activates when the baby starts to cry and granules in its hand which stimulate the babies sense of touch.

It is USB rechargeable so no batteries needed, and once the sound module is removed is fully machine washable.

It has all the certificates required for children 0+ so can be used from birth.