MiTCH is an exciting new brand from Picture Book Fashion, the creators of the popular brands, A*Dee and mitch&son.  MiTCH was created after kids started growing out of mitch&son at age 6 and there became a clear demand for an older boys brand for these customers. 
This new brand is for boys who have grown up with mitch&son and are now looking for something new that will grow with them as their style develops.

With every element of the outfit taken care of, all the way down to the socks, MiTCH successfully creates entire looks with elements that can be mix and matched to create different outfits.

Catering for boys aged 6-12 years, the brand will appeal to this age group through the carefully chosen colour palette, style detailing and practicality of the collection.

Picture Book Fashion are already seeing a real buzz around this brand and have seen a great uptake for MiTCH, with their customers delighted with this addition and agreeing with the demand for an older boys brand in this style.

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