SS20 has developed a new approach by HYPE. With mini trends being categorised. Introducing, Hawaii Resort, Renaissance, Contemporary, Athleisure 90’s Sports, Wonderland and Monochrome with a Red Injection.

  • Hawaii Resort - Tropical prints, matching sets, festival feels.   Prints you want to wear when you want the chicas’ attention.
  • Renaissance - Graphic led trends.

Not for the faint hearted, the too cool for school ones.

  • Contemporary - The modern era.

Lightening mixed with camo and dogtooth prints for that over-sized look.

  • Athleisure 90’s sports - Name says it all.

Jersey sweats, polys, cut & sew technical panels and Nylon shell suit inspo.

  • Monochrome with a Red Injection

For these with 3 favourite colours.

Taping trend, panels, oversizing with all-over floral and speckle fade.

  • Wonderland

Away with the fairies (and ocean).

Presenting our new mascot, the jumping Dolphin, cupid cherubs and pastels.

Featuring 600 pieces, HYPE. have focused on designing what you need. Although you may not know it yet, but once you lay your eyes on it, it’s yours.

Reality creates dreams, and dreams become reality.

Who would have thought, an inscribed lighter, and a simple script over a floral-printed tee would turn into a household name and become an instantly-recognisable global brand.

HYPE. started off with a small office space in Leicester, rapidly taking over the whole building. Employees would grab a skateboard to get from unit to unit, dodging security, and taking photoshoots on the roof.

With the use of Social platforms, HYPE. made their mark in the fashion world. With global superstars such as Jay-Z, Cara Delevigne and Tom Hardy representing the brand.

Currently, HYPE. have two offices, one in the heart of Shoreditch, London, and the headquarters residing in a-then-abandoned warehouse. Transformed with the Trotters Independent Trading Co three-wheeler, The Hype and Hounds pub, a games area with Time Crisis 2 and interior and exterior graffiti.

The first batch of stock sold out within a matter of hours after winning a t-shirt printing competition on Facebook. The magic just keeps on happening, and HYPE. can now be found in over 175 UK stockists and 27 territories worldwide.