Socks aren’t ‘just socks’.

Science in recent years has developed massively and we now know more about the needs of the human body and how to take the best care of it – especially feet and the effects of not doing so. They have aligned this progress with the developments in yarn and manufacturing technology and combined it with their considerable experience and enthusiasm to create Norfolk Socks. We know socks aren’t just socks and it’s their aim to help you understand this too – Norfolk socks are all about comfort, protection, foot health, breathability, performance, support, sizing, style, fun, colour and value.

If you want basic, cheap and cheerful socks Norfolk Socks is not for you, but if you want quality, experience and the best in footcare and sock technology they can help and would be very pleased to do so.

With an impressive collection of highly commercial socks for Foot care, Sports, Outdoor and Fashion for men and women, and a team that is small enough to care about your business, but big enough to cope with your sock needs, Norfolk Socks are a great place to start.