Gaventa are first and foremost a jewellery company, established in 1924, and until the mid-1990’s much of what they sold was manufactured either in their factories in the UK or in partner factories in Germany.

With the strengthening emergence of China as a manufacturing base, in order to compete in global price-conscious markets, they sent their tools, their technology and some machinery to China and their technicians introduced their Chinese factory to the production techniques which would guarantee the continuing, vitally important and uncompromising, high-quality standards that have always been the hallmark of the Gaventa Collections.

Gaventa has always been a creative company and they have retained the design element of their product creation process in-house, in the UK. They introduce hundreds of new designs every year, some for their own brand and many for private label collections.

Combine the supply of well designed, beautifully finished and packaged products together with their reputation for exemplary customer service and you have the winning Gaventa formula.

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