Healthy Back Bag

Beauty and balance are at the core of The Healthy Back Bag brand and all our bags are designed to look good and feel good. The Healthy Back Bag is renowned for its unique cross-body teardrop shape which promotes healthy weight distribution across the back. We make bags that perfectly combine fashion and function, comfort and style. Because everyone deserves balance in their life.

Healthy Back Bags are designed to distribute weight asymmetrically, meaning they are comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes. They are a unique teardrop shape, specifically designed to contour to the spine and so reduce the stress on neck and shoulders. They come in hundreds of different colours and fabrics, they’re hardwearing, stylish, packed with intelligent pockets that help organize your belongings and spread weight around the bag sensibly and can be worn 4 ways; on either shoulder or cross body with the main zip always against the back making the bag secure and accessible only by you.


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