Pia Rossini

Pia Rossini is a second generation family ran, British accessories brand with Italian routes, hence the name. On banks of the picturesque Lago di Como in Northern Italy whilst on a family holiday, Pia Rossini was born thanks to a delightful bottle of Italian red of the same name. They launched just over 20 years ago now, specialising in high quality, unique, Italian scarves, and from there they have grown their offering across all areas of accessories, becoming specialists in the industry.

They are now proud to be stocked in more than 5000 stockist worldwide, with their largest markets being the UK, Italy, Spain and USA, where after exceptional growth, they recently opened our US HQ on the East Coast. They are lucky to have such a vast variety of loyal stockists, from their valued independent boutiques where the brand originated to luxurious cruise liners and 5* hotels and resorts.

Pia Rossini's sole reason for doing what they do is to design accessories that they are proud of. Garments that make you look and feel great about yourself. Truly representing who you are and what you do. From a show stopping maxi to luxurious faux fur lined gloves; they sketch, design and create quality pieces for special moments, for special women.

It all started with a scarf, but with your continued support they now offer 3 unique collections annually.  They put a huge emphasis on quality and ethical sourcing. Their products are independently and rigorously tested via Intertek, Bureau Veritas or SGS to ensure the highest levels of quality.