24 - 25 MARCH 2020


BULAGGI is a Dutch family-owned business, and in 2019 Bulaggi will have been designing and producing women's handbags and accessories for fifty years. The company was founded by Wim and Trix Walraven, and their daughter Annemarieke Schouten-Walraven currently runs the business.

BULAGGI bags are characterised by the perfect balance between functionality and design. Luxurious extras and multiple details ensure an unrivalled richness for all the bags, something often described as the typical 'BULAGGI feel'.


With its new collection, BULAGGI responds to the multi-faceted colour trends of 2019, whereby the overall fashion image is determined by a galaxy of hues from warm and timeless cognac to daring pink and yellow. Materials range from soft faux fur to sturdy lacquer.

Anything goes in 2019. The fashion image will be determined by the way in which women choose to combine these trends, and acquisition of the BULAGGI 2019 autumn | winter collection will undoubtedly enrich any offer and make shop windows

more appealing.