INDX Accessories AW19

26 - 28 March 2019

Otto Kessler

In 1923 glove maker Otto Kessler pursues his passion and establishes his own factory in Wetzlar. Initially working alone, later with 36 employees, he creates stylish leather gloves for the ladies and gentlemen of fashionable society.

After the war, Otto Kessler, like many others, had to practically rebuild the business from scratch. With the recruitment of son-in-law Werner Hofmann, the company became more professional and grew to 150 employees.

A member of the third generation of the family, Claus-Dirk Hofmann, takes over the management of the company. Under his leadership, the organisation grows and raises its international profile. To this day, the collections are still meticulously handcrafted as own-brand items as well as for international fashion brands. Production takes place in the company‘s own production facilities, for example, in Pécs, Hungary, a centre with a long and rich tradition of glove making.

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