24 - 25 MARCH 2020

Rotary Watches

Rotary Watches Ltd is a British designed watch brand and one of the most recognisable watch brands in the UK. Found in all major towns and cities nationwide, as well as being sold across the globe, Rotary Watches has a rich, unique history dating back 124 years...Established in 1895 in Switzerland, Rotary Watches set out to create beautiful watches with timeless elegance, supported by first class customer service and the brand quickly grew from strength to strength. This rapid expansion and success led to Rotary's relocation to London in 1905, enabling the brand to incorporate British influences. Today Rotary is headquartered in London’s trendy Clerkenwell where all its watches are designed and crafted from the highest quality materials and tested to ensure they withstand the rigours of everyday life. Each watch family draws inspiration from its name-sake location such as Greenwich, Windsor, Kensington, Balmoral, Canterbury and Henley.