INDX Accessories AW19

26 - 28 March 2019

Zohara Handbags

The Zohara brand launched in 2016. In developing this brand, the company wanted to create something for the market which currently didn’t exist. These bags are designed in Northern Ireland, they are fashion-forward, have fantastic interior organisation and are made with the highest quality leather finished to an extremely high standard, but they are priced affordably.

Zohara was created for all women – For women who multitask without thinking, who look the world straight in the eye and show their strength, and for women who want to celebrate every day with an element of luxury in their everyday attire.

The collections are created with styles to suit the day to day lives of all types of people – the student, the business woman, the mum and everyone in-between, and for all sorts of occasions – work days, overnight trips, special occasions, and everyday life. With bag designs and materials selected, colour palettes are inspired by breath-taking the coast of Northern Ireland.

As well as being passionate about affordable luxury the company are also are proud to be from Northern Ireland and act as ambassadors for all the wonderful Northern Irish companies . Northern Ireland has a wealth of creative talent and Zohara are proud to be a part of the Northern Irish fashion industry.

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