24 - 25 MARCH 2020

 Goodlookers recognises the increasing demand for affordable, on-trend reading glasses...



Goodlookers recognises the increasing demand for affordable, on-trend reading glasses, understanding that whilst glasses are essential items for millions of wearers, they are also important fashion accessories and can be the defining element of any outfit in the wardrobe.

Their extensive range of reading glasses, sun-readers and sunglasses showcases designer handwrirting, contemporary styling and exceptional quality, all updated regularly and offered at commercially viable prices.

Goodlookers also offers a selection of in-store displays - from counter-top spinners, to self-service display stands,  plus flexible re-order quantities and a fast turnaround time.

NEW for 2016!

• Over 40 eye-catching new reading glasses and sun-reader models!
• Changers™ – Photochromic readers that darken in the sunlight!
• ScreenSpecs™ Readers and non-prescription glasses with blue-filter lenses!
• Many additions to the bamboo sunglasses and reading glasses collection!
• Self-Service Display Spinner!


Goodlookers innovative ‘Make-up glasses’ are now a 2016 Gift of the Year Finalist!

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